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best full coverage dental plans for usa people

I was sleeping it’s amazing so full coverage dental plans my recommendation is at least even if you full coverage dental plans  .

  • don’t get your prescription pop some ibuprofen like pop like a tiny broken because yep ibuprofen is the only thing  this last five days took.
full coverage dental plans
full coverage dental plans
  • I couldn’t take the at ma program because I was bleeding too much like I had a couple of problems.
  • with my bleeding um and I’m being really careful I’m not drinking up straws I’m not eating popcorn because I love popcorn.
  • I can’t eat anything that I want to eat I’ve been eating mashed potatoes and I’m so sick of eating mashed potatoes.
  • I’m starting to eat more food but it can’t chew back there and everything just feels disgusting and I’m so paranoid that.

I’m gonna get a dry socket cuz the dry sockets when the blood clot comes out and anyways.

  • I’m healing everything is okay I survived but if you’re gonna do it just beware so I hope this has been at least an interesting video .
  • for you guys if you’re not subscribed please go down and subscribe to this channel to not miss any videos from me and yeah sorry if this is a little gruesome but that’s.
  • What happened and I’m still recovering but I’m Way better than I was a few days ago so yeah thank you guys so much for watching and.
  • I hope you guys enjoy this video and I will see you in my next one I guess Oh like I don’t know what he did to me but I felt like.
  • I got run over by a truck hello everyone so this is going to be as you can tell by the title my wisdom tooth removal story.
  • without being put to sleep without general anesthesia so um let’s just get right into it shall we .
  • I am five five days yeah five days it post my oral surgery operation and I’m doing all right I’m doing all right considering.
  • so let me just start by telling you the reason that I got my teeth out without getting put to sleep because