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Best dental insurance plans | Best dental plans

Best dental insurance plans that covers everything

  • Best dental insurance plans Once you have decided for what purpose and in.
  • what volume you need medical insurance, it remains to choose your own company.
  • Here you can come to the aid of a rating compiled by the Research and.
  • Development Institute of Analysis and Research.
  • based on a survey of 2,700 doctors and other medical professionals, as well as patients themselves.
  • This rating “Monitoring of the Reputation of Medical Service” was intended to assess the quality.
  • The independent audit company KP also confirms it. According to the analysis,DENTAL HELPS.


The company dental helps also offers additional services.

For example :- buying drugs at a discount of 50%, glasses and contact lenses at half price, insurance against accidents,

  • work injuries, partial or total disability. programs also offer compensation for medical.
  • services in the United States. There are also special insurance support programs.
  • dental helps provides 24-hour customer support .
  • Special programs also assume compensation for the costs of treatment with alternative medicine .
  • DENTAL HELPS partners throughout Spain are more than 700 seven hundred medical centers and more.
Best dental insurance plans
Best dental insurance plans

DENTAL HELPS has exclusive customers for its hospitals.

  • DENTAL HELPS La Morale in Madrid and Hospital Sanitarian MICA in Barcelona. Also Sanitarian cooperates with the network.
  • of dental clinics Millennium Dental (more than 113 clinics around the country) and 17 multi functional medical centers Millennium.
  • Insurance premiums in Spanish companies can be issued with or without surcharge.
  • So, in the first case, the amount of the monthly fee will be less, but if necessary.
  • it will be required to pay extra, for example, for analyzes and visits to narrow specialists (on average, from 5 to 10 euros).

The price depends on the age of the patient and the specialization of the doctor.

  • The average cost of a comprehensive package of medical insurance services in Spain ranges from 50 to 80 euros per month.
  • When travelling abroad, you can additionally order repatriation services elsewhere.