humana dental insurance without any hidden charges

humana dental insurance network with these companies you get paid these fees you have to ask for that information you have to kind of put it in yourself and find out but the other thing is you could be in a network .

humana dental insurance
humana dental insurance

With the  humana dental insurance Guardian network sign up for another network and some some of those plans are on both lists and then what happens is the lowest fee schedule applies so that’s why it’s really important to know every part of the agreement.

Who’s least under it and they call it a leasing a so you might find out when you do the math that the majority of your patients are for Guardian and you it makes sense and you get a decent fee schedule from Guardian and then you find out .

That you joined this other Network and now half of these patients are getting getting processed under a different network and you’re losing another % Oh overall so you really have to match it up and and and see the difference so it can be .

a benefit to be in network to get new patients but it can also be something you really have to watch to make sure that you aren’t signing too many contracts and that you aren’t getting discounts or discounting your services further than you

thought you were add my two cents here and this is how I answered this question is it depends on where you are at and what goal you want to achieve for example if you are a startup let’s say and your goal is just to get patients in the door because you just need a dollars a dollar at that point you might want to sign up for as many as possible and

what we do when we’re consulting or coaching is we say there’s a couple ways to do this one you can always start with lists like the top to employers in the area area and find out what dental insurance that they cover and make sure you’re on that plan or you can